Track of the Day: “The Isle of Arran” by Loyle Carner

The Isle of Arran, the first track off of Loyle Carner’s album Yesterday’s Gone, has an upbeat, calm, and cheerful backing track that is betrayed by the serious and intensely personal lyrics about Carner’s family. This song is powerful and a great way to start the album, as it gives you an idea about what the subject of the rest of Yesterday’s Gone will be. 

To me, some of the best kinds of songs are ones that you feel a personal connection to. This can happen because of the lyrics, or just because of the story behind the making of the song, or any other reason. With The Isle of Arran, I found myself connecting to the subject matter and felt some lyrics hit home for me and I found that connection made me like the song more then I already did. 

The song itself is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to in its own right. I also thought that the church choir in the background was a particularly great addition to the track and made the song seem much more haunting and is also a good way to begin the song.

This is a song that I would definitely recommend people listen to, not only just because it’s a catchy song that’s worth the listen, but also because of how powerful it is. This song is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes, so go buy it if you’s like!

Listen to the track HERE


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