Track of the Day: “Mean It In the Morning” by Loyle Carner

Losing someone close to you is hard.  It’s even harder when that someone is your best buddy, or your role model, or your father.  Loyle Carner’s (Benjamin Coyle-Larner) style has been described as confessional and there’s really no better way to put it.  The trauma of losing his father must’ve really touched him deeply because he pours his whole heart and soul into “Mean It In the Morning”.

The funky bass groove in the beginning of the tune sets the stage for the perfect restrospective; not to mention the addition of the light guitar and organ adding to that feel while showing off an 80’s funk/rock fusion style.  The track combines brilliantly personal lyrics with a contagious funk groove and instantly gets stuck in your head.  Carner gives us a look into his daily life and relationship with his mother with his storybook like lyrics, but despite the funk groove in the background, his story is anything but funky.

Carner touches on the lonely feeling of supporting his family as the “man of the house” as a central theme all throughout “Yesterday’s Gone”, but in this song specifically, he shows us a picture of what it’s like to be pushed into a role well beyond his years.  He longs to spend the days as any other teenager would: living off his mother and just loving life.

The whole song blends personal issues, inner strength, and heartbreak all into one brilliant hip-hop track, and if you’re into story telling rap at all, I would HEAVILY recommend you give this track a listen – or even buy the album and give that a chance as well.

You can listen to the track on Spotify or on iTunes if you have apple music, or hear a preview on Soundcloud here


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