Track Of The Day: “Damselfly” Loyle Carner

“Because they ain’t me, they ain’t me/Don’t need to know about the colours that they paint me” Loyle Carner says on Damselfly the fourth track on his debut album. Carner, a South London born rapper spends three minutes rapping about his growing disinterest in dating women until he meets one that changes his whole world. In a way, you could consider Carner’s track to be a love song, and the lighthearted and jazzy musical backdrop certainly makes it seem so.

A lot of the tracks on Carner’s album are emotionally charged, stepping away from the ‘in your face’ attitude and instead strives for emotional openness. Indeed, Damselfly is about a man who wants a girl to love him for who he really is, not for what his friends label him, and I think we can all relate to that. Carner seems to have fallen head over heels for this mystery woman so much so that his first thoughts in the morning are of her, and even though they constantly have the “same conversation” none of it is boring for Carner. One of my favourite things about the track is the cell phone going off just before the chorus and Carner mumbling “Oh for Fucks Sake” when he realizes it’s from his friend and not from her.

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of rap, but Carner’s album hits all the right notes for me, Damselfly being one of my absolute favourites. It’s jazzy and relaxed sound along with the emotionally lyrics as well as Carner’s charged performance of them makes this one of the powerhouses of the album in my opinion.

Heres a link to the song! Take a load off and chill out to Carner’s rap ballad about young love!


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