Track of the Day: “Look at What the Light Did Now” by Flo Morrisey and Matthew E. White

The track, “Look at What the Did Now” is a song taken from Feist and Littlwings, which debuted in the Feist documentary.This song is little known especially when  compared against Feist’s numerous hits. Morrisey and White approach the song radically, adding drums, piano, slide guitar, bass, and synth, differing from the acoustic original. It provides a production backbone with rockabilly tones, country pop, but layered with funk bass, a head nodding 4/4 beat, and is sung with vocal agency not found in the original  version. The somewhat rambly and alliterated lyrics are catchy and comforting in the Feist and Little wings version. What Morrisey and White have orchestrated, shines and highlights these lyrics while preserving the catchiness of melody. As the listener is corralled towards the chorus, there is a piano build underlying the repeated, “Look at what the light did now” before both White and Morrisey treat the listener to a joined harmony, uniting them in a song where the verses are largely sung separately. As White tackles the first verse, there is al signal from White for Morriesey to jump in on the offbeat with a, “Flo”. This as well as the pop of instrumentation creates a playfulness in the song, which is less evident in the original. The song will have listeners nodding along, and seeking other material which will lead to their other unique style brought to a range of songs, giving them new life.


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