Track Of The Day: “Heaven Can Wait” by Flo Morrisey and Matthew E. White

“Gentlewoman, Ruby Man” took a classic twist and turned the song, “Heaven Can Wait” also known as track number nine, into something new and fresh.

As you listen to the song, you can start to understand what it is all about. The lyrics “She’s sliding down to the depth of the world” makes an opening for the song to be melancholy. The title “Heaven Can Wait” is a perfect example for saying that they want to do all these amazing things without worrying about death. In the original song, Charlotte had made a music video and it showed a guy jogging away from an axe. I like how the song makes a reference to the greyhound station because when you think about the station, it makes you think of travelling and going to someplace new and different.

The differences between the two songs are quite amazing. You can tell that the Morrissey and White have made it their own. The original has an old alternative rock and indie pop, almost a country vibe to their music. This cover has a rock and church vibe to it. Even the use of instruments is different. The original has a tambourine, saxophone, choir and an acoustic guitar in it. The cover has an electric guitar, and an organ added to it. What I like most of this song is the use of the organ. It just gives off a church vibe and when one thinks of heaven, they think mostly of going to the church to pray, which was amazing because you actually feel like you are there.

This song fits quite well with the rest of the songs on the album; it is new and has a fresh vibe. Most of the songs off the album are quite sad in terms of the meanings, but this album kept with this vibe. Truly then, this song is worth giving a listen to.

You can listen to the preview down below or find the full version on Spotify.


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