Track Of The Day: “The Colour in Anything” by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

On the fourth track of their cover album, Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White take on James Blake’s Colour in Anything, a piano-only track that is, at times, a little bit depressing. Blake’s original song featured only a piano and the artist’s voice which made it seem both quiet and empty, a perfect match for the meaning Blake was trying to convey.  Flo and Matthew however take this melancholic but beautiful song and turn it into what I would describe as a ‘jukebox classic’, the kind of song that you’d find playing at a 1950s themed diner just before closing time.

Morrissey takes the lead on this track while White provides the background vocals, which drastically changes the intentions of the song.  Blake’s song tells the story of a man who has fallen head over heels for a woman whom doesn’t return his feelings, and is growing tired of trying to win her heart. This story carries over to Morrissey and Whites rendition, but with Whites vocal backing, as well as the addition of drums, bass and guitar, it forgoes the solitary feeling that was present in Blake’s version, opting instead for a more mesmerizing and joyfully relaxing vibe. Such a drastic change in the sound of the song also changes the connotation, with Blakes version suggesting hopelessness in the pursuit of love, Morrissey and White’s version seems to say “it may be rough now, but things will get better real soon!”

Whether you’re a fan of Blake’s version or someone who has never heard the song, Morrissey and Whites cover is certainly worth the listen. It talks about a situation that can all relate too, as we’ve all found ourselves in the situation of loving someone but not being loved back. Surely it stings, but as Morrissey and Whites version remind us, you just have to move along to brighter and better things. So sit back, close your eyes and have a listen to Colour in Anything, and you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth with a goofy smile on your face in no time, I know I did!

As of right now, the song is only available on Spottily and Apple Music, but I have included a short preview of the song here.


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