Track Of The Day: “Thinking Bout You” by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E.White

Do you ever look back on those relationships that were just out of reach or at the wrong place at the wrong time? Well it seems that both Flo and Matthew sure do.  In their second track titled “Thinking Bout You” the duo plays on the idea of a distant memory-like relationship that just couldn’t work out.

Morrissey and White make the track sound spacey and otherworldly to grip the listeners in the nostalgic trance of the memory of a failing relationship.  The use of minimal instrumentation other than the synths gives off the perfect vibe needed for the song.  The synths in the background add deep texture especially when they are combined with the simple guitar riffs in between phrases in the chorus.

Most of the track is focused on the relationship between the male and female and the duo transforms this song into a duet by going back and forth between the longing feelings of the male, and the woman not reciprocating the same emotion.  The duo’s take on Frank Ocean’s original song gives off a vibe much more reminiscent of a nostalgic feel and in the end, they pay homage to Ocean by keeping the central theme of the song the same, whilst changing the flavour from an R&B break up song, to more of an Indie/Pop retrospective one.

The song is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, so if you like it, consider purchasing it!

If you want to listen to the track, click here

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