Track of the Day: “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

Music is becoming such a wide variety of different sounds, however Morrissey and White’s take on “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is a refreshing reminder of what music used to be.

The fifth track of Gentlewoman, Ruby Man is a song that I feel beautifully fits in with this album of carefree covers. Originally sung by Roy Ayers and his band Roy Ayers Ubiquity in 1976, both the original and the cover immediately made me feel as though I was watching “That ‘70s Show” simply from the introductory electric keyboard vibration sounds. Listening to both tracks, I feel like I am part of Eric Foreman’s crew riding around in his Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Though I was never physically present in the 1970s, I feel as though Gentlewoman, Ruby Man’s track is a kind of nostalgia for what I imagine the 1970s to be like.

“Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is one of the only songs on this album of covers that I found strikingly similar to Ayers’ original version. Both tracks share the same introductory electric sounds, the same simple piano chords, and there is even a slight sense of a duet as I can hear a woman’s voice throughout the track. There is chemistry between Morrissey and White and more equality between the two artists’ voices. In the original track it is clearly Ayers singing. The female voice in Ayers’ song is more of an echo and less duet-like. Never is there a moment in Gentlewoman, Ruby Man’s version where one artist is louder than the other rather, both artists sing together and in harmony create a striking and unique sound that is different than typical duos.

By Morrissey’s and White’s version of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” lacking some originality, it makes a statement of its own. Despite 40 years of the changing world, specifically the music industry and sounds, everybody still loves the sunshine, and perhaps the easygoing style that this track displayed in Ayers’ original did not need much tuning up 40 years later. This track reminds me of what it is like to relax and enjoy the moment. It brings me back to the summers of the past and makes me feel untroubled.

Right now this track is only available on Spotify or Apple Music, you can catch a preview of it here.


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