Track Of The Day: “Grease” by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

In their rendition of Barry Gibb’s iconic tune, this musical duo adds a modern, electronic, indie twist to a classic, but dated song. Morrissey and White remove horns and strings to make way for new, hip sounds like the synths used in much of today’s hits, as well as a lot of recent indie music. The tempo of the track is slowed down, but doesn’t lose its groovy feeling while incorporating a new chillwave sound. It discards its disco vibe, but gains the influence of modern indie music. The vocals are taken with gentler tone, and assist in capturing the chill vibes Morrissey and White appear to be grasping throughout the album. While “Grease” was once a song to be heard on the dance floor of a disco club in the late seventies, this cover is something that would be featured in a hip cafe today. In relation to the rest of “Gentlewoman, Ruby Man,” this track is coherent with the overall relaxed vibe that takes over the entire album. The album itself does not particularly find itself with distinctive upbeat tunes and gentle ballads, but “Grease” is one track that can be considered a point of high energy in the album. When I first heard the song, it brought me straight back to the days when I would watch the musical “Grease” on repeat as a younger child, but left me with a sense of satisfaction that comes from my interest in modern indie music, as this track morphs nostalgia and the excitement of hearing new music together. To most, “Grease” would seem to be an unusual choice of song to contribute to a modern cover album, however, it manages to take its place comfortably in this collaboration of new, chillwave sound.

Listen to the track HERE


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